Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Do the Smart Thing: Invensys Showcases Sustainability Software Solutions at Smart Cities Expo in Barcelona

From 13 to 15 November Invensys participated in the Smart City Expo. This event brought together thought leaders from across the smart cities space including mayors and municipal decision-makers, multinational technology corporations, start-ups, key industry analysts and media. I am proud to work for a company that is doing work in this area.

The idea of Smart Cities, well, is just Smart :) Many municipalities have been formed over time. They are a patchwork of buildings, roads, water systems, gas, telecommunications systems that evolved over time. Now is the time to pull these disparate pieces together to make things more sustainable and just a plain better place to live. In addition, there is an exodus from the country to the cities around the world, because these are the centers where there are good employment opportunities, night life, restaurants and ability to socialize. More and more people will choose to live in cities in the future, so let's make them better.

Smart City Expo World Congress is the global meeting point for cities, policy makers, public administration officials, experts from different fields and companies interested in tackling the challenges of a new world scenario.


At the show in Spain, there were
  • Over 7000 visitors from 82 countries
  • 3550 delegates to the seminars
  • 319 speakers
  • 140 exhibiting companies

The capability Invensys is showing is simple. Wonderware technology helps manage the infrastructures in a integrated way and in real time. I believe, as do many others, that Software is the best way to connect urban services, comprehensively manage operations, provide better public service, improve environmental sustainability, optimize resources, and manage costs.


Cities are finding more ways to improve living standards and services for their residents in a sustainable manner. Stay tuned to this blog as we share information on how this is being done using Wonderware software. Mostly because it is the Smart thing to do :)

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