Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Ensuring Efficient Water Distribution in Paris with Wonderware® InTouch® Software

Eau de Paris is the municipal authority in charge of the production and distribution of water in Paris and management of the city’s unique network of water pipelines and aqueduct structures. The water processed by Eau de Paris comes from 102 collection points situated to the west and south of Paris, with the furthest being more than 90 miles away, as well as from the Seine and Marne rivers. The ground water is treated in four plants, with two plants processing water from the rivers. The Eau de Paris central supervision station processes 20,000 variables of information from 120 local technical stations all over the city as well as from the Paris environs.
In 1995, Eau de Paris installed Wonderware InTouch to provide advanced visualization and monitoring of its vast network of water distribution pipelines. With Wonderware InTouch, Eau de Paris is able to easily and quickly create standardized, reusable visualization applications and deploy them across its entire enterprise. With unequaled device integration and connectivity to virtually every device and system within the city’s water system network, operators, administrators and management can more effectively assess data and increase productivity.

More recently, Eau de Paris decided to take advantage of the latest Wonderware InTouch upgrade and the changes included advanced video capabilities. The idea was to use detailed, large-dimension block diagrams of the installations that were created with AutoCAD and already in use by Eau de Paris. These AutoCAD diagrams were easily integrated with the Wonderware InTouch HMI, turning them into a powerful supervisory tool. The information displayed from InTouch on a large video wall includes the values of useful parameters for the control functionality, as well as other sources such as surveillance videos.
“InTouch provides our staff with ‘Hypervisory’ capabilities by animating the large blocks of diagrams from the HMI, and projects them onto our innovative operator management video wall. The displayed information provides details to effectively manage the city’s extensive water system.”
– Frank Montiel, Head of the Regulation - CTM project in the Information Systems Department, Eau de Paris

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