Thursday, May 16, 2013

City of Bremen, Germany, Cuts Energy Consumption and Consolidates Building Management

When the City of Bremen needed to modernize the heating systems in several of its buildings, it analyzed the project and realized an opportunity. Besides improving energy efficiency, there was the potential to implement a new building management system (BMS) that would bring greater control and provide far-reaching positive effects across the city’s extensive portfolio of properties – more than 1,200 municipal facilities covering over 1.8 million square meters (nearly 20 million square feet) of floor space. At the time, six control stations across the city were running a variety of proprietary building control systems, making reporting and sharing of information in a consistent format a challenge, and adding new buildings complicated and costly.

“Immobilien Bremen, Anstalt des öffentlichen Rechts,” the city’s property service company, evaluated a number of software possibilities as well as a formal engineering study that analyzed the city's current technologies and its roadmap for the future. Immobilien Bremen determined that the Wonderware solution would meet the city’s requirements for an open, vendor-agnostic BMS that would consolidate the various existing systems under a single operator interface.

The cornerstone of the new solution is Wonderware's InTouch® human machine interface (HMI) software that provides a common user interface across the entire City of Bremen's BMS. This HMI provides an intuitive overall view of the building control system that can be seen by all operators and supervisors. Regional supervisors working from any location can log onto the HMI and troubleshoot problems at any building in real time.

"This level of optimized operation can cut energy consumption by around 15 to 18 percent." Rüdiger Heinenbruch, Technical Operations Manager, Immobilien Bremen

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