Sunday, May 19, 2013

Infrastructure 2013 Report Released by Urban Land Institute and Ernst & Young

Last week, the Urban Land Institute (ULI) held its Spring Meeting in San Diego, California. At the event, Infrastructure 2013: Global Priorities, Global Insights was released, the seventh in a series of global infrastructure reports produced by ULI and Ernst & Young. The 72-page report assesses the state of infrastructure globally and includes research and analyses on the latest trends, challenges, and innovations, along with insights from experts. It includes coverage of the Americas, Europe/Middle East/Africa, and the Asia Pacific regions.

Additional information and the report itself are available here on

Two related ULI press releases were issued on May 16th:
  • One focuses on the critical role of local and state governments in meeting U.S. infrastructure requirements. It references the new report's findings that state and local governments account for ~75% of all U.S. infrastructure spending, with the federal government supplying the rest, and infrastructure spending as a % of GDP has shrunk to 2.4% from a peak of more than 3% during the 1960s. With uncertain federal support, state and local governments are advocating local tax rises and higher use fees and tolls to pay for key infrastructure investments, and governors and mayors are promoting infrastructure initiatives by emphasizing their associated employment opportunities and economic stimulus. The full press release is available here on
  • Another press release notes that transportation infrastructure continues to take priority in Asia Pacific's rapidly urbanizing countries such as China and India, but according to the new report, more emphasis is needed on energy, water, and waste management systems. The full press release is available here on

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